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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Survey

Wabash Valley Watercolor Society
Member Survey  Spring 2013
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey that will be helpful in planning future programs and events.  The WVWS was formed in 1989 by and for local artists.  Membership participation can ensure the future of this creative tradition.
1.      1. Why do you come to the WVWS meetings and events?  Demos? Networking?   Opportunities to exhibit? ____________________________________________________________

2.      2. What do you like most about the WVWS____________________________________________________

3.      3. How long have you been a member of WVWS? ______________________________________________

4.   4.   How did you learn about the WVWS? ______________________________________________________

5.    .  What suggestions do you have that would make your membership experience more beneficial? ___________________________________________________________________________

6.      6. What suggestions do you have for future programs, workshops and events? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

7.     To strengthen our organization, it’s been suggested that we expand our focus to include other water media. This will be a membership decision. What are your thoughts, opinions and suggestions?

8.      The following is a list of opportunities for members to team up together and use their gifts and abilities.  Please mark how you would like to help.

·        ______Update by laws                                                               
·        ______Planning Monthly Programs, Fieldtrips, Paint outs                  
·        ______Membership Team                                                         
·        ______ Art Exhibit Team                                                             
·        ______Publicity Team   - Traditional Media; update current brochure
·         ______Publicity Social Media Team  - Blog/Facebook/web site                                                                                            
·        ______Community Service/outreach – student art programs     
·        ______Photographer                                                                    
·        ______Workshop Planning Team                                                                
·        ______Fundraising Team
·        ______Historian   
·         ______Hospitality Team
·        ______Serve as an officer: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
·        Other ___________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                 
Name ___________________________________________________________  Phone (       ) _____________________
Address  street _______________________________________, City ______________________, Zip _____________
E-mail address ________________________________________________  cell phone _________________________
Thank you!   Please use the back of this survey if you need more room to write your answers.  You can turn this survey in at the May 21 meeting or e-mail or snail mail to:  Jerie Artz,; 3635 Goodall Court,                  West Lafayette, Indiana 47906.

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