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Monday, February 17, 2014

Garage Sale Fundraiser

WVWS Fundraiser Reminder
In case you haven't heard we are having a garage/yard sale to raise money for our bank account.  Lanni has offered us her yard for this fun and profitable day.  So.....

Please save your castaways in this year's spring cleaning for our garage sale May 3.

Please bring anything you don't want anymore, ask friends if they have any donations you can bring for the cause also.

If you have any tables or other surfaces we can borrow to put goods on please bring them. We have a few tables I can get outside from here, but will need help with set up and I hope we need more surfaces for more goods. 

If you have a friend who wants to get rid of a piece of furniture, we could give them the price we get for it, as I know furniture gets people out of their cars and to see everything else and buy. We would mark non-member items to know to earmark for them.

This should be a fun fundraiser, team builder, maybe even an annual tradition if it's a hit, who know?

So -SAVE the castaways

Bring tables to loan if you can and goods to 20 Beck Ct (off Beck Lane, 2 blocks east of 18th) between Sat April 26 and Fri May 2.

Come and help or look for your own treasures, it should be fun and it can be profitable for WVWS.

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