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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jane Dunnewold on Seeking Grace

This summer I took Artist Strength Training (an online course) with Jane Dunnewold. I've been fortunate to take a couple of in-person workshops as well. She is a really thoughtful, kind artist with whom I've always felt privileged to entrust my own ideas and struggles.

On her website is an inspiring talk called "Seeking Grace" (recording). She talks about a lot of things I suspect many artists think about, from our feelings of vulnerability in making art to creating work that is authentically our own. She summarizes many of the ideas we discussed in Artist Strength Training: cultivating trust in yourself, raising your energy in the studio, creative stamina, and, of course, seeking grace.

I highly recommend listening to her recording (it's about 30 mins.), and I hope it will send you all into 2015 with fresh determination for art making.

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