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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

QoR watercolors

Just in case you missed the Feb. meeting, we mentioned Golden's new QoR watercolors. These watercolors have a different binder. They use aquazol instead of gum arabic.

I've been playing with them a bit. They really are brilliant and they don't diminish in brilliance as they dry--it is nearly "what you paint is what you get" (WYPIWYG?). They resuscitate nicely with water, too, although I've been trying to put out only enough for the painting moment, so I'm using fresh paint.

I also have a piece going now that uses the QoR dimensional ground (think rocks lifted above background sky). I've found that this is nice to paint on and doesn't suck up the paint any more than paper. I'll let you know what I think of the QoR watercolor ground when I try it.

QoR watercolors are a bit spendy, but so pigment rich that they may prove to be no more expensive than other paints.

Link to QoR site:
Includes videos on the watercolors and grounds as well as a color chart with pigment info, etc., and a link to their Facebook page which has people's painting examples with the paints.

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