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Saturday, August 3, 2013

West Lafayette Public Library Exhibit

Many hands make light work, and Thursday we saw that in action, as the WVWS members worked together to hang a lovely watercolor exhibit at the West Lafayette Public Library.  Here are a few photos of the works, but no substitute for actually seeing the exhibit!  It will be on display until August 31.
Michael Lockard Hanging Paintings
1007 Main Street by Michael Lockard

French Countryside by Linda Brammell
Scottish Highlands by Margie Towery

Apple by Verna Ritz
Abstract by Jean Jasckson
Summer on the Celery Bog by Barbara Lee

Along  the Tippecanoe by Maryiln Martin
Respite for Cranes by Marsha Castillo

Artist Marilyn Martin
Something to Buzz About by Jerie Artz

House on the Hill by Jean Jackson

Moutain Gate by Lanni Senn
L'ascenseur a Nice by Linda Brammell

Trilliums by Arvilla Friar
Artist Becky Chapman

Vision by Pam Lassiter

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