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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Barbara Lee January Program

Guest Artist:  Barb Lee, watercolor
Barb Lee stretches her paper, soaks it first and then staples it to a homasote board.  She tries to use only transparent watercolor when she paints.  Permanent rose, cobalt blue, aureolin yellow are the colors she usually uses.  She uses 150 lb. cold press paper.  Barb painted a sunset landscape.  She began with a yellow sky with a band of rose at the horizon, and blue along the land.  She frequently uses a mister to get the paint to “move.”  She painted streaks of violet across the yellow to give the impression of the clouds and uses a brown (sepia and quinacridone gold) for the ground.  After drying this she uses a small brush for details.  Barb painted two lovely landscapes as we watched.   See photos below.

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